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Promoting Brain Injury Survivor Self-Advocacy and Collective Advocacy

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Find a board-certified neurosurgeon at the public Web site for the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS). This organization has over 6,800 members worldwide.
Contact Information:
American Association of Neurological Surgeons
5550 Meadowbrook Drive
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
847.378.0500 or 1.888.566.AANS (2267)
Fax: 847.378.0600
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To find the average cost in your state for a nursing home, assisted living facility, adult day center, or home health aide, locate your state in the tables below. The answers may surprise you.rnThis information was taken from two surveys done by the MetLife Mature Market Institute. These dollar figures represent an average cost based on a sample of long-term care services/facilities in your state for 2007. Your actual costs will vary. Use these costs as a guide in your long-term care planning.rn
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American College of Surgeon's Consultation/Verification Program. This program validates the resources for trauma care at trauma centers. The ACS does not actually designate a trauma center to be a level one or level two or level three, etc. trauma center. But it does verify the presence of resources listed in the "Resources for Optimal Care of the Injured Patient" to meet each of these designations.
American College of Surgeons
633 N. Saint Clair St.
Chicago, Il. 60611-3211
Telephone: (312) 202-5000
Toll Free: 1.800.621.4111. Fax 312-202-5001
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This professional organization of otolaryngologists operates from 1650 Diagnonal Road, Alexandria, VA, 22314-2857. Also on this site find an international database of ENT doctors. ENT means Ear, Nose, Throat. Otolaryngologist is the medical name for this specialist. This association hosted a medical forum regarding tinnitus in 2009. See Telephone: 1-703-836-4444.
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This medical society representing more than 7,500 physicians who are specialists in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation provides a searchable database that allows one to locate practicing PM&R physicians in one's area.
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National epilepsy advocacy organization. Professionals. Their website allows the reader to search for a doctor by state or zip code. Please see to locate a doctor.
This organization promotes research and education for professionals dedicated to the prevention, tratment and cure of epilepsy. Discussion regardiing "Post Traumatic Epilepsy". This organization supports research and centers via the U.S. Dept. of Defense to assist military personnel who have sustained brain injuries and subsequently developed seizure disorders. Definition of "post-traumatic epilepsy".
American Epilepsy Society (AES)
342 North Main Street
West Hartford, CT 06117-2507
(800) 332-1000
(Clicks: 10; Comments: 0; Listing added: Mar 31, 2008) Listing Details Report Broken  Listing They say that, "People who experience chronic ringing or buzzing in the ears can now experience relief." Treatment uses a customized neural stimulus combines with specific music..." This page has a clinic locator to find a provider.
Or call 1-866-606-3876 or email
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Congress of Neurological Surgeons "Find a Neurosurgeon". There are over 6,000 neurosurgeons world-wide are affiliated with this premier neurosurgeon organization.
Contact Information:
Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS)
10 North Martingale Road, Suite 190
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Phone: 847 240 2500
Fax: 847 240 0804
Toll Free: 877 517 1CNS
Web Site:
(Clicks: 12; Comments: 0; Listing added: Sep 28, 2008) Listing Details Report Broken  Listing - A Service of the National Health Information Center, ... A Guide to Selecting and Monitoring Brain Injury Rehabilitation Services ...
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This organization assists patients seeking in-home care, home healthcare providers, medical professionals, and others working to increase access to in-home care, rather than insitutionalization. The web site includes an agency locator on information as to how to choose a home healthcare provider. The database contains over 20,000 home care and hospice agencies from around the USA. The agency also publishes Caring Magazine. This agency advocates in Washington, D. C. for adequate and appropriate payment for home health and hospice services. They also publish their list of legislative priorities on this site. Telephone: (202) 547-7472. Fax: (202) 547-3540.
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The Neuro-Opometric Rehabilitation Association, International (NORA) is a diverse group of professionals dedicated to advancing the art and science of neuro-optometric rehabilitation and habilitation. NORA emphasizes treatment modalities designed to optimize the frequently neglected visual-motor, visual-perceptual and visual information processing dysfunction in the neurologically affected person. These are optometrists with NORA special training in the technologies of neuro-optometric rehabilitation/habilitation. Their specialites are in the treatments of vision and brain injury, accommodative (focusing) problems, balance and Illusions of movement, dry eye after stroke or brain injury, loss of one eye, eye movement/tracking disorders, light sensitivity after brain injury, management of double vision, post trauma vision syndrome, reading problems after brain injury, visual side effects of brain injury/stroke, visual hallucinations, visual field loss rehabilitation, visual field awareness, spatial rehabilitation, and visual midline shift syndrome. One of their goals is to make Neuro-Optometry a part of every multidisciplinary team treating individuals who suffer a traumatic brain injury. Telephone: 866-222-3887
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Find an optometrist. "Optometrists Network is a network of interconnected patient education and optometric web sites which educate the public about visual health and unique aspects of optometric care. Our public health mission is supported by our Members who are licensed Doctors of Optometry."
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